Disputing Property Taxes

Representing property owners as they navigate through the complex property tax valuation and payment process.

Paying your property taxes can be a daunting experience. If you have recently received your tax bill and need help navigating through the process of lowering your bill or negotiating a settlement with your appraisal district, we can help. Gray Reed & McGraw has partnered with Lubel Voyles, another law firm boasting extensive trial experience in property tax disputes.

Businesses commonly have three areas of concern with respect to ad valorem taxes:  (1) real property valuations, (2) the valuation of improvements, and (3) the valuation of personal property.  We have prosecuted claims in all these areas for our clients.  Depending on the circumstances, we have employed creative strategies to challenge an appraisal district's use of cost indexes on personal property and inventory, we have challenged the properties being appraised in excess of their market value, and we have proven that properties were not valued "equally and uniformly" in comparison with similar property. 

We can and will handle these cases on an hourly basis, but we generally structure the fees as a reverse contingency based on the percentage of the tax savings obtained for our clients. Feel free to contact us to discuss your options.